PPL Youth Meet - Monthly once

Motto: Raising prophetic generations for Christ.

We make sure that the youths of this generation will be raised up based on the Word of God and live their lives in its fullness.

Every month - 3rd Sunday evening for 90 mins.

Ephphatha Prophetic Service - Monthly once                             

Ephphatha prophetic service is a prophetical and healing service happen once in a month.

It can be either as a Fasting Payer or Evening service or Night service.

Ephphatha Prophetic Fasting Prayer: 

Every month - 3rd Friday evening @6:30pm IST.

Gods prophetic word will be given by Bro.Daniel to every individual who attend this meeting.

Authority Prayer - Every week                        

Look! I have given you the authority to destroy all the enemy’s power, and nothing will ever hurt you. - luke 10:19

இதோ, சர்ப்பங்களையும் தேள்களையும் மிதிக்கவும், சத்துருவினுடைய சகல வல்லமையையும் மேற்கொள்ளவும் உங்களுக்கு அதிகாரங் கொடுக்கிறேன்; ஒன்றும் உங்களைச் சேதப்படுத்தமாட்டாது. லூக்கா 10:19

Authority service is about praying and confessing the word of God in authority. In this service, we also do authority worship.

Every week (Monday - Wednesday - Friday)

Time : 9:20pm - 10:00pm IST

Days: Monday & Friday - Tamil Authority Prayer

           Wednesday - English Authority Prayer

           * Authority Worship

           * Authority prayer confession 

           * Prophetic Animations ( on different topics)

Freedom Night Worship - Monthly once       

Freedom night worship is to bring peace among people and help them find freedom from sin, pain, disappointment, failures and to have a strong relationship with Christ.

Every month 2nd Saturday night.

Time: 9:20pm IST onwards.

Encounter Prayer - Yearly once

Spending time in God's presence with fasting and receiving God's touch through special encounter prayers once in a year.

This meeting will be informed in prior to PPL families.                      

Breakthrough Prayer - Yearly twice

To unleash the power of the Holy Spirit to bring breakthrough in our lives. Praying God's truth and destroying enemies lies.

Happens yearly twice and will be informed in prior to PPL families.

To bring Breakthrough in:

* spiritual life 


* studies 

* job 

* career 

* relationships, etc.