About the Founder

Bro.Daniel Stephen, the founder of Prophetic Prayer Line (PPL) Ministries is from Coimbatore, India. God anointed him to be His mouth, moulded him in various situations and circumstances to get purified in Him. God used him to share God's prophetic word to people personally and to churches widely.

The prophecies given by the Holy Spirit to Bro. Daniel was fulfilled by God's grace within the year 2018. With this fulfilment, God is now using him with His mighty hands over the deliverance of people from the bondages of Satan.

By the word of God, he was led by the Holy Spirit to be the lighthouse for the breakthrough of people. At the year 2018, the month of January God chosen & anointed him with the help of the Holy Spirit. He's anointed, Spirit filled and passionate in bringing people closer to God.

From the year 2017 to 2019, God moulded and trained him personally in various situations and circumstances before the start of  PPL ministries in Coimbatore. On June 2019, God introduced Bro.Daniel to the families in Coimbatore through PPL Media ministry. From there on, the Holy Spirit started using Bro.Daniel in a glorious way.

PPL ministries celebrated 1st year anniversary on Jan 5, 2020 along with the New Year Prophetic Service at Sungam Bypass road, Coimbatore. More than 100 families attended the anniversary celebration. Bro.Daniel, also ministered in several churches in Tamilnadu through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

PPL has been involving in various welfare activities by supporting the needy, helping the underprivileged in their basic needs. And also has the burden for missionaries and been supporting them regularly.

From May 2020, started conducting prophetic prayer meetings through Zoom App and many were being blessed. Bro.Daniel led so many meetings which was Spirit filled and encouraged everyone to get closer to God. Below are some of the prayer meetings:

* 7 Days Breakthrough Prayer

* Tamil and English Authority prayer

* Deliverance Prayer

* PPL Youth Meet

* Ephphatha Prophetic Service