About PPL

Jan 5, 2019 was the birth of Prophetic Prayer Line (PPL) Ministries by Bro.Daniel Stephen. It was purely by God's will and grace that enabled Bro.Daniel Stephen to bring this ministry into existence. Only through the guidance and support of the Holy Spirit this ministry had began. The burden of Nehemiah was turned into a vision likewise Bro.Daniel's burden for reaching the unreached has turned into a vision through God's prophetic word and releasing breakthrough in the lives of people. As we read in Matthew 4:4, Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God, through Bro.Daniel  the prophetic word is bringing changes in many lives.

PPL ministries started with a new phone number +91( 902-5000-326 ) dedicated specially for this ministry. The introduction of this ministry was met only for 13 members and on Jan 5th, 2019 we received prayer calls around 70-100, it was included the 2 other nations also. The prophetic prayer calls went on for 12 hours and God touched many families. Since then, the ministry started spreading among families and across nations.

As Zechariah 4:6 says, Not by power, not by might but by the Spirit of the Lord. Through the Holy Spirit's move, thousands of people have been touched through this Prophetic Prayer Line. Many recieved God's prophetic word through calls and got deliverance and received miracles. Doubts and debts were cleared, thousands of people were healed from physical and spiritual sicknesses, many were released from bondages and from demonic spirits, many barren wombs were released, many received job offers and had breakthrough in their career and also received the anointing of the Holy spirit.

Till this day, PPL had received more than 2500 phone calls from 15 different countries and it's becoming drastically higher. PPL ministries  got expanded its boundary and now conducting prophetic meetings with PPL Families all over India and abroad. Many people were blessed and received deliverance through God's word and share their testimonies in every meetings.

God had been so gracious in these 2 years of PPL ministries. Though the beginning was small we are receiving the interessions of Holy Spirit during the day-to-day prayer meetings  through Zoom App. The Mission of PPL is towards "Bringing changes in the lives of people".